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Spending time with our horses will positively and permanently change your life! Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a unique learning experience that uses horses as active participants; it does not involve riding and no prior experience with horses is required. Our horses make perfect learning partners as their natural responses provide immediate and honest feedback to your actions and behaviour giving you a deeper understanding of yourself.

While there are physical benefits to EAL, its focus is on the emotional and positive mental influence that spending time with horses has on your life. EAL is experiential, meaning you learn by “doing” and the horse is a facilitator, a living breathing being who helps to direct your session, making it a combination of education, therapy and fun.

At Inspired Equine Assisted Learning CIC we offer a range of bespoke Training Programs, activities and Away Days for individuals, groups and corporations that are specifically designed for those who wish to explore, develop and improve, confidence, communication, personal growth, leadership and teamwork or simply increase their well-being and self awareness. All our activities take place in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.

Private and group sessions are available for adults and children at our Therapeutic Horsemanship Centre, conveniently situated just off the A17 between Boston and Spalding in the peaceful Lincolnshire countryside.

We have both indoor and outdoor arenas that allow sessions to continue whatever the weather.

Inspired Equine Assisted Learning is a fully insured Community Interest Company that offers everyone the opportunity to experience how horses can enhance their wellbeing. To those with particular needs, EAL offers an effective alternative to traditional forms of counselling or psychotherapy.


We rely heavily on funding to provide fully-funded EAL sessions to members of the local community and we’re so grateful to secure funding from these sources.

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We were proud to be part of an Erasmus+ project that promoted and encouraged the social inclusion of children and young people with intellectual disabilities through the provision of sporting activities and associated services.
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Our Localgiving page enables us to launch regular appeals and to receive donations in an easy and efficient way.
We run regular workshops and events, visit our Eventbrite page to discover more information and to obtain your tickets.
We frequently post videos of our horses on YouTube here
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